How the FUT Procedure Works

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), is used to maximize yield and minimize scarring, the donor tissue is removed from the scalp in a single thin strip. The placing of the donor area is carefully select to be a region of the scalp with maximum hair density and the best long term stability. The hair in the region to be removed is clipped short, to a length of about 1 millimeter, so that the uncut hair can perfectly and completely cover the donor area when the patient leaves the office. There is an enormous benefit for someone having long hair.

FUT is a common form of treatment and is designed for those patients that would rather have better quality hair, even if it signifies keeping it somewhat longer to hide the indecent scarring that can happen with the treatment. The trimmed follicular unit grafts used in FUT fit into small, needle made incisions without any necessity for removing tissue. This preserves the resilience of the epicranium and confine the tiny grafts closely in place.

After surgery, the snug fit facilitates wound healing and helps to ensure that the grafts will get enough oxygen from the surrounding tissue in order to maximize their survival.