Solutions for Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is unexpectedly common in females, some types of hair shedding in women may be related to estrogen loss or significant changes in estrogen levels, as in the postpartum period or in menopause. Hair loss can also arise from breakage during hair treatments and styling, certain medication, including hormones, and conditions like iron deficiency, severe dieting, thyroid disease, lupus, and even stress.

Female Hair Loss PatternsIf a woman has feminine pattern hair loss and high androgen levels that can be readily documented, then she is probable to respond to treatments that block or decrease androgens, and finasteride is an alternative. But often physicians will attempt it even in females who don’t have high androgen levels because other treatment options are very limited, and these women may have sensitivity to androgens at the cellular level of the hair follicle that the physicians can’t document. Hair replacement for women hair loss in women is more frequent than most folks realize. For women who suffer from permanent hair loss or female pattern baldness, the largest chance of replace their hair is often through hair transplantation.

Actually, women have two options the FUT or the FUE would allow them to receive great naturally hair restoration.